Dumpster Scene

Hand painted dumpster scene I've started working on, the plan is to bring something like a blizzard hand painted art style into a modern scene. Here's what's been done so far!

Barrel no. 1

Going to start doing barrels!
My goal is to do atleast one barrel every week to record my hand painting progress as that is what I'd currently like to improve at. Here's what I got started on today!

Character sculpt

Here's a sculpt I did earlier this year when the school flooded to refine my skills, during this week I probably has the biggest leap of improvement with my zbrush skills that I'm yet to have. Planning to come back to him and finish it this week!

More gas for your pump

another update on the pump, was out rock climbing today so not a lot has been done, hopefull will be ready to UV by tomorrow :)

Gas Pump WIP

Currently modelling up a gas pump, here's the work in progress!

Was easily fooled by it's simple shape, but I'm finding this one to be a bit of trouble as I'm attempting to model the high poly... But it's all good because there isn't anything that's not do-able in 3D ! :)


Here's some sweet action with a little nozzle animation, modelled it frequently thinking of it's functionality trying to make something that could be reused if i maybe need it in the future so I wanted to include every detail!


Fire Hydrant Breakdown

Hey guys, just a simple breakdown on how my fire hydrant was made which shows of the work flow I used. Enjoy!

Long time, no updates!

first update in a long long time, have been super busy and forgetful recently about posting but here is what I've been working on recently.

Stompy, the Giant Simulator, a student game project that I'm currently working on as the lead environment artist, my jobs include working out core design elements, level composition, lighting, post processing, UI, and some small other things. This is one of the more recent screenshots of the game that is currently 9-10 weeks into development, being that we dont have long left i plan to post many more updates in the coming weeks as well as covering some things on my study project about composition.

Rock test

just a rock test I did to see how much I've improved, I gave myself 90 minutes to see what i could achieve and this was the outcome. It's also an art style test for a project which I recently started.