Character Project and Game Jam

Hey everyone haven't been posting as much as I'd have liked to which I apologize for! Recently have been working on a Game Jam at uni with the theme mechanics, so what we have been set to do is find a mechanic and really polish it and make it presentable. My group has chosen Time/Movement where we are working on speeding up and slowing down objects, I have been set as the lead artist for my group and with that I've tasked myself the job of working on the environment which our game will take place. The environment is an industrial sci fi factory where you play as a robot that has come out of its cryo tube and need to get through puzzles to discover what's happened to the human race that no longer occupy this world. Here's a screenshot of what the environment is currently looking like.

still a WIP and I have a few weeks left on it so hopefully it will turn out well.

Another project I'm working on atm are my characters, we have to make 2, one for a low poly animation and another which will be higher poly for current gen games. The first character has the theme of TF2 in which I've finished modelling and texturing and just need to finish animating, here's a screen shot.

Will be posting updates on my 2nd character soon !