WIP shots of a sculpt I'm doing to study anatomy + starting some minis for my DnD group!

I've always been set on doing environments for the past two years and recently i decided to get into this, really glad I did. Feeling really inspired again and ready to learn!

Substance Part III

Been super busy lately with life but in my spare time I've been reading up things on substance and recently played around with some things to try get a snow material. Here's what I got out of it, lot's of things that I will do better next time!

Learning Substance Designer Part II

Part 2 of me learning substance, today is my 4th day trying it out and I've now moved past the whole making tiles stage and made some stuff a little bit more interesing :)

The wood is my first material that's been made purely from my own knowledge and without the help of others or the internet teaching me some nifty tricks, didn't spend much time on it either hopefully the next wood material i post up here will be 10x better!

The bricks were used to teach me how to make procedurally generated materials that don't look procedurally generated, i set them up so that i could use mask to alter the pattern of the bricks.

Learning Substance Designer

Progress shot's of what I have learnt from Day 1 and Day 2 of Substance Designer, planning to try make one material per day so that I can really learn this program. Loving it so far and hopefully i can be a pro in no time ;)

On Day 1 I started off by watching some videos to introduce me to substance and then tried to make a basic tile texture.

On Day 2 using the knowledge I learnt the day before, I attempted to replicate a tile texture from my work on the wall in deli without the help of online sources.

WIP Arcade Machine 2

Second WIP shot of the arcade machine, don't have much time to finish it of today as planned so I'll leave the rest for after Gnomon! Hopefully I learn a thing or two to help me out with this asset :)

WIP Arcade Machine

Gnomon Melbourne starts Friday and I am super keen, trying to smash out something to show before then, here's the WIP.


I'm working on so many projects at the moment, it's awesome! Never stuck wondering what to do. Here's a robot character I've been working on over the past few days, not sure how i feel about the wheelie leg but I can always change it up. Been doing this as mechanical/hard surface modelling practice and plan to hand paint it as well so that I can get some of that practice in too!

Trampoline game!

Currently working on a small mobile game project with some awesome programmers! here is some art so far, more coming soon!